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April 22 - 6PM
Canadian County Fairgrounds - El Reno, OK
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Lot 31 - Tyler Rhoads - Tag 7032
Birthday Pony X Centerfold X True Blood
DOB 12/28 

This ewes mom is one that I'm really proud of. Her Doc ewe lamb last year was awfully special. She was was the Reserve Grand ewe at the Tulsa State Fair. 7032 herself is an absolute tank! You truly have to see this gal in person to appreciate how freaky big backed she is. We aren't quick to call one donor quality and we without a doubt believe this one could go on and progress someone's flock as a lead donor!



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Lot 32 - Harrell - Tag 7126
Hawkeye X 4131 Pablo (El Chapo's mom) 
DOB 1/13

Joe takes pride in his Diva set every year. This year we have put together a set of three ewe lambs that we feel could go out and produce stud bucks, donor quality females, and show winning wethers for their respective buyers. We start off with one that's smoking good looking backed up with a stout pedigree. 7126s mom (4130) is the Dam to the popular buck we sold Kennedy and Sharpton last spring that has sired a nice set of sheep at all three farms. She is also a full sister in blood to our  popular second high selling buck (Lot 3 Tag 7117) that sold to Larry Despain. This one is big time! 



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Lot 33 - Harrell - Tag 7075
Shoot Yeah X 2189 Player X Revolution 
DOB 1/2

The Shoot Yeah females are proving themselves as some of our best producing ewes with that being said the thought of selling this one is crazy. Like I stated in the earlier lot Joe wants to bring some of his best and this one and this is for sure one of them. 7075s mom is a ewe that we have flushed in the past with great success. Her natural lamb in 2015 was the reserve ram at Midwest Elite was cut then went on the be selected champion natural and fourth overall at the Ohio State Fair. Win shows with her then put her in your flock. She will work! 



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Lot 34 - Harrell - Tag 7003
El Chapo X Big Time
DOB 12/26

I can clearly recall when 7003 was born I knew then that we had something in El Chapo. Most visitors that came by the farm took notice of 7003 before we even got to the pen. Her extreme hip shape and rugged structure make her so special. As good as the Shoot Yeah females are working we feel the El Chapo ewe should do even better. 
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